Top 10 Best Car Gps Global Positioning System Systems

There may be a sentence in this next paragraph that will either elate you or deflate you but you have to stand by it as the answer to the question. There is no hands free correct way.

Talking on your cell phone. Talking on the phone may seem harmless, especially if you're using a hands-free device, but it can be a dangerous distraction. Hands free equipment statistics show how important it is to avoid talking on your phone. According to research from the University of Utah, a driver on the phone has the same delayed reaction time as a driver who is intoxicated. So, pull over to place important calls, or wait until you stop for less urgent matters.

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This is probably a good thing to help people avoid getting a ticket for talking on their cell phones while driving. Getting a hands free device is a very safe thing to do and you will probably not get a ticket for doing so unless you are 18 and under. Getting a hands free device is inexpensive and definitely follows the Law.

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